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Norbar products are manufactured in the factory in Banbury, England. The factory's ISO 9001 certification is key to providing good customer service worldwide.

BSI, UKAS Standards

The recalibration and repair of torque measurement devices can also be performed in Australia. Our NATA accredited laboratory works to ISO 17025:2005, and can calibrate up to 5,000 N.m with NATA certification.

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Lifting Assemblies


Lifting Assemblies for Norbar Pneutorque MultipliersA variety of lifting assemblies have been developed to ensure that Pneutorques and Electrotorques can be manoeuvred and operated safely in a production environment.

Standard Series Pneutorques and Electrotorques with a capacity exceeding 9500 N·m are fitted with lifting brackets as standard. These tools are best handled with mechanical assistance.

For applications that require the smaller tools to be suspended by the use of a hoist or counterbalance, Norbar can supply a special purpose lifting bracket.

72m Series Pneutorques and Electrotorques are all supplied with a llifting handle as standard. This handle is for manual use only and has no provision for alternative mounting such as a hoist or counterbalance.

For applications that require the tool to be suspended using a hoist or counterbalance Norbar can supply a special purpose lifting handle.

Customers requiring lifting handles for tools fitted with and Annular Transducer will require the longer Auto Two Speed versions.


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