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"I have a track record of advocating for Norbar as our preferred supplier. And therefore, wanted to express my gratitude for your understanding and consideration regarding the wrench situation. Your offer of a replacement wrench, specifically the ProTronic Plus, is greatly appreciated. Given its compatibility with your app and our current needs, especially as we navigate through the UKAS accreditation process, this option seems ideal."

"Thank you once again for your support and for valuing our partnership. Looking forward to receiving the replacement and continuing to work together."

Michael Edwards
Head of Engineering
Fixfast Ltd

"I just wanted to send a quick mail expressing our many thanks for the Norbar Industrial 5R-N, ¾”, Ratchet adjustable torque wrench. The tool itself is a remarkable piece of engineering and fitted our needs perfectly and has even been the envy of our German contractors. The service provided by Norbar was second to none, within 5 minutes of speaking with the UK Sales Manager the torque wrench needed for the job was selected and subsequently ordered and arrived ready for critical maintenance activities. I couldn’t recommend Norbar enough to anyone who wants the highest quality equipment with a great service to match."

Angus Smith
Kohler Mira Ltd.

"Your torque converter is mint, thanks for posting it. I've been looking for a good, easy to understand torque converter for a while, you've nailed it with yours, brilliant."

John Halsall
Twitter User

"I just wanted to feedback on this product. Norbar TTi20 Torque Wrench 1/4in Square Drive 4-20Nm SKU: NOR13830 I bought it a few weeks back as I wanted an accurate torque wrench but it had to be small enough to fit between a bike engine and the frame. Also it had to be easy to set up. Plus it had to have the right range of torque. It's brilliant! So easy to set the chosen torque, easy to use and a really convenient size. I bought a torque wrench way back for a similar job and I always have to read the instructions again to get it right and it's just too big. This [Norbar] product was recommended to me and I can see why. I will pass on the recommendation"

Andrew Lambert
Motorbike Rider and Enthusiast

"Our greatest success story is that we work together with Norbar non-stop for more than 37 years. For all these years we have been collaborating, striving for the achievement of our common goals."

Mr Ioannis Pikounis
Pikounis Industrial Torque Tools

"Just a quick mail to thank you for the level of service you have provided on the delivery of the NorTronic wrenches especially Sue who I think pulled out all the stops especially when the original order was for 1 piece and then my customer decided to change the order to three, true to word they were dispatched on the 27th and we had them delivered to our customer by lunchtime on the 28th, this makes us look good for quality and service. Once again thanks for the level of service Norbar can provide"

Darren Allison

"I want to thank-you personally for taking my call after hours and going the extra mile, its much appreciated. Thanks for your support and demonstrating your and Norbar's flexibility and service levels."

Mark Hammond
National Operations Manager
Hayley Group Ltd

"We have been able to eliminate a lot of defects because of this Norbar calibration equipment."


"My colleagues and I were very impressed by your entire manufacturing operation, and it was evident from the tour the standards you achieve are impeccable.  It's comforting to know we're in good hands, and we proudly promote the use of your equipment internally."

Michael Millard
National Repair Improvement Manager
The Automobile Association

"I thought I would once again express my delight in your product. I've had the opportunity to use it on many occasions now, and I am very impressed with its unique features. The two-part design is excellent, as my internal van space is limited. Compared to my older Britool wrench, the difference between the two is like night and day. My sincere thanks to EVERYONE within your company for producing such fantastic tools."

Michael Millard
National Repair Improvement Manager
The Automobile Association

"I'm just emailing to let you guys know you're doing an awesome job with your torque wrenches! I love using them and they are my go to torque wrenches."


"Codiun Limited is a company that specializes in providing innovative solutions to the rail industry and as such we have designed, developed and patented a temporary rail defect clamp. This temporary rail defect clamp is employed on the rail infrastructure when a portion of the rail requires either repairing or replacing ensuring that rail traffic can continue to operate. Our rail defect clamp comes in two parts that sit either side of a rail track and is tightened together with a single bolt.
Currently It is normal for rail engineers to tighten this bolt with a petrol impact wrench but this practice is fast becoming obsolete due to the requirement for safer working practices and the need to apply a torque to the bolt that is accurate and can be recorded as such. With this in mind we tasked ourselves to source a torque tool that fitted the following criteria: transducer battery powered torque, acceptable hand arm vibration, digital audit trail and ease of use. After researching the market there was only one tool available on the market that fitted these requirements and that was the Norbar Evotorque Battery Tool (EBT).
The EBT is now part of our solution offering to the rail industry and we appreciate its ability to organize a work program from an intuitive PC program (Norbar EvoLog). The EvoLog gives the rail engineers the ability to set a work program, prior to a site visit, ensuring the quality of application. It also ensures that there is a complete record of that work and that that record can be downloaded wirelessly to a PC for analysis.
The EBT is an excellent tool and coupled with excellent support we are confident we have chosen the right product for our needs."

John Cooke
Director - Codiun

"Our Distributor was overwhelmed by your offer to replace their end-user’s Torque Wrench with the new generation on even though it was 18 months old – in their words “Thank you that was unexpected and a example of how customer service should be"

David Noon - Sales Director
Sykes Pickavant UK

"Thank you again for your help and help of your team. I personally have never had a better customer service in my life. Please pass my thanks to Rachel."

Maryia Nazarava
SPX Flow

 "Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you for allowing the team to use your facilities and also for your kind hospitality. Feedback from the guys was really good and they all came away very impressed with what Norbar do and also how well you all work together."

Chris Millan
Head of Trade Card

"Thank you for the EvoTorque. We used it on Saturday and it was fantastic. We tightened 12 bolts before the manual torque wrench could even torque up one bolt!. We will be using the EvoTorque on our next magnet and look forward to using it again then"

Siemens Healthcare

"Just a short story that you may be interested in After helping a friend out with a cylinder head gasket on his Escort in 1981(38 years ago), he very kindly bought me a Norbar torque wrench as a gift, because I had't got one. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I discovered that we have calibration facilities at my current place of employment, so I thought I would have it checked as it has been in regular use in that time. I could not believe it when our QC man checked it and told me that it was still in tolerance........ Something you should be proud of!"

Salv Sacco

"First off let me send my humble credits to you for your stunning engineering masterpiece. I am literally taken aback due to a couple of technological facts. The meticulousness you are executing this tools is second to none. We have got tested plenty of tools in the same segment, mind you Norbar is outstanding, point blank."

Robert Matusek
Cycling Media

"I would like to take the opportunity to say how impressed I am with the quality of the tool and also with the technical support I received I bought the torque wrench for the odd job on my new carbon fibre road bike. The decision was taken after reading some very positive feed back from customers on the Amazon website, which I would certainly recommend reading. It is unusual to see nowadays and it is something your company must be very proud of. After my phone call with you today, I realised I made the right decision on purchasing from Norbar. Not only it is a super piece of engineering, but it is backed up by a very knowledgeable and informative staff. Once again, thank you for your assistance and tips on using this tool."


"A large multinational company still took the time to speak to me at the UK head office in person and advise me on the torque wrench I needed. I have four of their products now and they are all quality products. Spend a little bit extra and get a tool that will last"

Andrew Mack

"Great Equipment and Support."

Gordon Hamilton
Managing Director at R L Engineering Services Ltd

"I just wanted to say thank you for sending the ratchet – it safely arrived this morning and my engineer has collected and is on his way to fix my customers lift. Thanks again, if I can use Norbar products in the future or recommend Norbar I certainly will."