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Norbar Australia is the only NATA accredited calibrator for indicator or electric display unit.  Devices sent in for NATA calibration to the appropriate Standards unless requested otherwise.

  1. Should the device be in specification ‘As Found’, a certificate will be raised and the device returned.
  2. Should the device be out of specification, but capable of adjustment, it will be adjusted, ‘As Left’ readings taken, and one certificate raised with ‘As Found’ and/or ‘As Left’ readings on it.
  3. Should the device not be capable of adjustment, it will be returned, with an enclosed “service description form” attached to the certificate.
  4. Should the device require repair, we will do so where possible, after consultation with the customer.

Norbar Australia is accredited by NATA for 4 categories , within which, torque measurement devices calibration are ranging between 0.1 N.m and 6,800 N.m or the imperial equivalents.  The detailed Scope of Accreditation could be found here
Users of torque equipment all over the world are realising the importance of calibration in maintaining traceability and quality of operations. 

1) Torque Measurement Devices (0.1—6,800Nm)

Torque Measurement DeviceIn accordance with the current standards for calibration of torque measurement devices. 

Calibration certificates are in accordance with the current standard for measuring devices, and show the nominal torque applied, and the measured torque readings. Measured readings may be given in mV/V on request. Details of the standard are available on request.

In instances where Norbar deem the device to be uneconomical to repair we will offer options to customer for a resolution.


2) Torque Wrenches (0.1—6,800Nm)

On receipt an 'As Found' calibration will be carried out where possible. If the results do not fall within specification the wrench will either be adjusted or a service exchange offered.  Calibration Certificates are in accordance with the current standard for hand torque tools ISO 6789:2003.

3) Torque multiplier gearbox (500-6800Nm)

Output range for all makes.

4) Norbar electric indication device

We are now able to calibrate Norbar indicators, recorders and calibrators by electrical simulation and measurement with an in-house method.

In addition to above standard calibrations, our lab also provides below services:

1. Standard Repair and Calibration Fixed Prices (for Norbar Product) 


Norbar Repair Services 

We carry out all calibration, function checks and repair work to bring the equipment back to its' original functionality at a fixed price (Note: Norbar reserve the right to decline an item if it is considered to be unserviceable). The advantage of the combined service to the customer is that you know the price before you send the goods to us and turn around times are reduced by the removal of the quotation and approval stages of the process. 

Non Norbar equipment can also be calibrated but will be handled by individual quotation.

2. Traceable “As found” calibration to all torque transducers range from 6,801Nm up to 100,000N.m.

Norbar Calibration Services

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Norbar has devised easy-to-use online calculators that support the correct application of torque in three key areas:

  1. Unit conversion to assist international measurement definitions.
  2. Torque extension for setting correct values
  3. Torque tension to identify precise levels of torque to be applied for individual applications.

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